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The Experience

Guests take part in our semi-nude photoshoot experiences for various reasons. Whether it's to commemorate personal milestones, nurture self-confidence, or unearth a fresh outlook on life, our photoshoots are designed to inspire and elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

Yes! Every body is beautiful, and we strive to prove to each of our guests exactly that. Whether or not you have prior experience in front of a camera, we provide guidance and support each step of the way. Everyone deserves to feel confident in their own skin.

The average investment is around $1000.


You can get started by booking a free, 15 minute consultation call with one of our Guest Consultants. We offer consultations in English, French, and Spanish.

Click here to get started.

Please visit our Booking policy page.

Please visit our Refund policy page.


Each studio is home to an all-female team of photographers, one of whom will guide you through the entire experience. You can be rest assured that one of our all-female team members will make you feel right at home.

As we specialize in semi-nude artistic photography, during your session, you’ll be provided a satin draping, under which you’ll be fully nude. Now, the degree of coverage will vary depending on you. So, you can stay covered or you can show off a little more skin if you like.

• In Montréal, our studio offers a sophisticated white backdrop, and you have the option to choose from a selection of colored satin drapes to complement your desired aesthetic.

• In our Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver studios, you will find our signature black background featuring a stunning red satin drape.

• In our Miami, Dallas, and Houston studios, you have the unique option of either our black or white background, allowing you to choose the backdrop that best compliments your vision.

Your photos will be available for viewing immediately after your photoshoot! Following the session with the photographer, you'll be guided to the viewing room where you'll have the opportunity to select your favorite images.

The duration of your in-studio time varies based on if you have scheduled beauty services with us:

• If you've scheduled both makeup and hair services, please allow approximately three hours for your experience. 

• If you have chosen one of our beauty services (either makeup or hair), your session is expected to last around two and a half hours. 

• Without any beauty services, your in-studio time will typically take around two hours.


Your digital photos will be emailed to you via WeTransfer, a secure, user-friendly, and privacy-conscious file transfer service. You can expect to receive this email within 15 business days following the date of your photoshoot.

Search your email inbox for 'WeTransfer'. If you're using Gmail, check your 'Promotional' or 'Updates' folder. If you continue to experience difficulties, please reach out to the appropriate email address based on your photoshoot location:


We are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

You will securely receive your 12 digital photos by email 15 business days after the date of your photoshoot.

Our Customer Care team will send you a digital preview of your album and/or aluminum print 4 weeks after you’ve received your digital photos. They will also request your approval for us to begin the printing process.

You will receive your album and/or aluminum print by mail 4 weeks after you’ve approved it for printing.

It should be noted that additional time is always required for albums and aluminum prints and we cannot guarantee that the items will be shipped by any certain date and time, as shipping and production delays are out of our control. Prompt communication with us will always help ensure you receive your items in the most timely manner possible.

Designs, such as our signature heart design, change of satin color, wing design etc. require additional time to create. You will receive the designed version of the image 4 weeks from the date you received your images.


Yes! We have a talented all-female team of professional in-house retouchers who will carefully edit your images.

Our standard retouching style focuses on removing temporary imperfections from the skin and body, such as blemishes, bruises, or scrapes, while preserving permanent features such as tattoos, birthmarks, etc. This editing process is applied to all digital images. If you wish to request additional editing, you'll have the opportunity to do so during your photoshoot.

The designs showcased on our website and social platforms, such as our distinctive heart design and elegant vertical flowing satin, are not part of the retouching service included in our digital photo packages. You have the option to purchase these designs as an additional upgrade.


Our birthday and zodiac promotions include your in-studio time, your favorite digital image, and a 50% discount on all beauty services!

To visit any studio in Canada, you must be at least 19 years of age. To visit any studio in the US, you must be at least 21 years of age.

Visit our LinkedIn or Indeed profiles to learn more about current opportunities! We also encourage you to reach out to to express your interest.

We are constantly looking for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join our team.


We care about our artists’ time, and the time of our clients. To ensure both are respected, we ask for a fully refundable deposit that solidifies each reservation, 100% reimbursed on the condition that you arrive at your appointment.

If you chose to purchase in-studio products, you can alternatively choose to deduct your deposit from your bill.

Yes! We offer payment plans for all of our products, facilitated through Affirm, Klarna, PayBright, GoCardless, and our own in-house financing program. For any payment-related questions, please contact

Your deposit will be refunded to the same payment method used to pay for the deposit within 10 business days following your photoshoot.


No, there's no need to worry about knowing how to pose. We have curated a variety of pre-determined poses that are carefully crafted to highlight the natural beauty of all body types. Our skilled and supportive photographers will provide guidance throughout the session, ensuring that you are seamlessly positioned to capture your best angles. 

In order to be featured on any one of our platforms, simply tell your photographer that you’re interested in this! Because we take your privacy seriously, we do not post any photos of our clients without formal written consent. We also cannot guarantee that your photos will be posted, but we do sincerely appreciate your interest and support!

If you have beauty services scheduled, we kindly request that you bring your own mascara for hygienic and environmental purposes. Apart from that, there's no need to bring anything except your wonderful self! We also encourage you to leave all jewelry at home, as our goal is to put the spotlight on you, allowing your timeless beauty to shine.

We suggest that you attend your photoshoot alone to enhance your overall experience. Our photoshoots are designed to be transformative and personal, and the presence of extra guests can sometimes affect the unique and comfortable atmosphere we aim to create. Our priority is to make sure you feel as relaxed and at ease as possible!

The birthday and/or zodiac promotion is valid for a single Nuovo photoshoot and can be redeemed only once.

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