Our Team


My name is Lindsay Anne Delaney and I am a photographer at Nuovo. I was born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland. I have been a freelance photographer for seven years, after graduating from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design…

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Even after 25 years as a professional portrait photographer, I’m still very passionate about the craft! For three consecutive years, I’ve been awarded “photographer of the year” title in Quebec and "Canadian Photographer of the year". I was also recognized in the United…

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Hey there! I’m Catherine! I’m a photographer for Nuovo. I’m creative and all about glamour! I like having fun and I don’t hide it. I think that photography has a magical way of helping people…

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Coming from an artistic family, I have always been very determined. Shortly after starting my studies in the visual arts, I immediately realized that I wanted to quit everything to focus on photography…

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Hello, my name is Nikolina. I am a photographer at Nuovo. I was born and raised in Bulgaria, where I also received my BA in Fine Arts and Film Editing. I have always been artistically inclined...

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My name is Elizabeth-Maude Archambault. I work as a photographer at Nuovo and I have been at it for years. As a Montreal native, I fell in love with the multicultural art scene of my city back when...

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Hello, I’m Victoria. I’m a Parisian artist with Spanish roots. Following adventures and multiple passions is part of my everyday life. I’ve performed in France as a singer and a comedian...

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If you were to ask me about a life-lasting passion, I would answer without hesitation: beauty—a passion that drove me to pursue a career in fine arts and photography. Over the years, I have lived...

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Hey there! My name is Sophie and I am a makeup artist at Nuovo. Fashion and makeup have always been interests of mine. I love to stand out and innovate in everything I do. It took me a...

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Hi, my name is Audrey and I am a photographer at Nuovo. After graduating at the University of Montreal in Communication Sciences, I had the opportunity to study acting and dancing...

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Who am I? A true artist to my core. My past speaks of luxury and elegance. Arts and people are my passion. I was introduced to the arts industry from a very young age. I learned to play musical instruments, such as the saxophone, which led...

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